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Of historic places in Indonesia

If you have a vacation opportunity in remote areas, tetntu only thing that does not want to find is berkinjung in a historic place. In Indonesia, in addition to having a dazzling sights circuitry natural beauty, also has a series of historical places that you should enjoy. Historic sites in Indonesia did leave a lot of stories that would make you more pensaran. Well that is not curious, it would be nice if you listen to the following explanation of the historical places in Indonesia. Go see the following explanation!

Historic Sites in Indonesia

Masjid Raya Agency for
masjikd highway this field stand does away with Maimun Palace in Medan. This field mosque is a building that became a trail of wealth deli. The mosque is built meda first time in 1906 during the reign of Sultan Ma'mun Al Rashid.

Masjid Istiqlal
The modern mosque in Jakarta is bangunana very magnificent. The mosque is built on a land area of ​​9.5 hectares and a capacity of 8,000 worshipers. The uniqueness of the mosque is to have the liberty to be crowned beduq beduq enormous Indosesia.

Lawang Sewu.
The next historic place sewu mace. Building that has unique characteristics of the building. This is why the building was given the name Lawang Sewu because it has many windows pitu about 1000 doors. That is why this place is called mace sewu.

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